Tackling Climate Change in Your Organisation

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In the last 30 years, we’ve succeeded in halving our greenhouse gas emissions. The progress is very positive but we need to take greater action to reach net zero by 2045.
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We need all organisations in Scotland to make more permanent changes that have a longer lasting effect. Here are some longer-term actions your organisation can take to help tackle the global climate emergency and achieve our net zero target:

  • Make use of Home Energy Scotland’s Partnerships and Employee Engagement Service, which includes training, workshops, and materials to learn how we can all save energy at home.
  • Reduce business transport costs and lower emissions by contacting Energy Saving Trust who can provide expert and independent advice, including fleet reviews, general business transport reviews, support with electric vehicles, support for employees and information about funding.
  • Electrify your car fleet and encourage employees to move towards ultra-low emission vehicles for their own personal use.
  • Install electric vehicle charging points in workplace car parks.
  • Invest in energy efficiency measures, such as improving building insulation, choosing low energy appliances and processes.
  • Invest in renewable energy sources, such as solar PVs and heat pumps.
  • Provide facilities for recycling unavoidable food waste.
  • Continue to use video-conferencing technologies which have become the norm throughout the coronavirus pandemic and encourage only essential business travel which cannot be avoided.


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