The Glasgow Climate Dialogues: Elevating the Voice of the Global South (Glasgow Climate Dialogue Task Force)

01 November 2021 - 01 November 2021
Online Event
Climate Ambition Zone at the Lighthouse Culture International
A view of the Glasgow Conference Centre, Hydro and Finneston Crane on the River Clyde at dusk.

This event presents the outcomes of the Glasgow Climate Dialogues hosted by the Scottish Government and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland ahead of COP26 to learn from and listen to the priorities of the Global South.

This event will be an opportunity to reflect on the messages and priorities expressed in the Glasgow Climate Dialogue Communique. This Communique is the product of four online Climate discussions between Global South experts and civil society; Scottish civil society and; Scottish Government. The discussions were co-hosted by the Scottish Government and SCCS, which is a network and coalition of more than 60 civil society organisations working together on climate issues. The event will also be an opportunity to reflect on the process through which the communique was produced: through joint working between civil society and government, in Scotland and internationally.