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Actions like using your car less, making improvements to your home heating and buying less or second-hand is not only good for the planet, but can feel good for you as well.

Actions that feel good for you and the planet

Did you know that more than 60% of the changes needed to reach net zero will require at least some element of individual behaviour change?

On this page, you can find information on the actions that make the most difference to both you and the planet and how they benefit you from doing so. There is also information on the support available from the Scottish Government and businesses to help you take climate action, including funding and free services, as well as guides that are full of helpful tips. 


Of the changes needed to tackle climate change can only happen with some individual behaviour change

Travel less by car

Transport is the largest contributor to Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing car travel can really benefit you – whether it’s clearing your head by walking, spending less money on fuel, enjoying some downtime on public transport or catching up with a colleague on a car share to work.

Learn about initiatives in your area and help for you

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Climate-friendly home heating

By improving your heating, we can enjoy cosier homes and even save money on energy bills. Advice and support is available to help you save energy and money – plus you can find out about Scottish Government grants and interest-free loans available to help you with the cost. 

Find out how you can make your heating more climate-friendly

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Buying and wasting less

Making the most of what we already have, while cutting down on waste, can make a big difference to the planet and save us all money. Repairing items can give you the satisfaction of learning a new skill, while buying second-hand can help you save money for the things that matter more to you.

Find out how you can reduce, re-use and recycle

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Protecting nature

Looking after and restoring our natural world helps it thrive and in turn takes carbon out of the atmosphere. A healthy natural environment can also provide protection against the effects of climate change.

Find out more about protecting nature and your community

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Actions for businesses

The climate is everyone's business. There are plenty of ways your company can become more climate-friendly.

Find out how to help employees take action at work and at home


Start a climate conversation

By starting just one conversation with your friends, family or colleagues, you can create a ripple effect of positive actions that could help the planet and ourselves feel good.

Find out how you can start a climate conversation

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Scotland's wider plan

As part of our ongoing commitment to help tackle climate change, we've set a target to reach net zero emissions by 2045. 

Learn more about how Scotland is taking action

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