We have agreed. Will You? - Citizens’ Recommendations for Fair and Effective Action on Climate Change

05 November 2021 - 05 November 2021
Hybrid Event
Blue Zone Business & Finance Energy International Just Transition Transport / Active Travel
People sit around tables at an event with raised hands to ask questions to a speaker.

When ordinary people get together to learn about climate change and make recommendations on action, what do they decide? What recommendations do they consider effective and fair?

A voter holds up a blue card while sitting in a pew in a voting chamber.


Citizens’ Assemblies create a mandate for change by involving people in decision-making and are being used more and more by national and local governments to guide policy-making. Assemblies range in scale from local to global but have a number of things in common. Assembly members are chosen to represent the wider community in terms of age, gender, geography etc; they hear a range of balanced evidence on the topics and bring their own lived experience to a facilitated deliberation on a question they have been set. Finally, they harness their collective intelligence before deciding on recommendations.

This event brings together assembly members from four climate assemblies, held in Glasgow, Scotland, France and globally, to share their recommendations and exchange notes. Although each had its own unique characteristics, all the Assemblies proposed action which they believe will be effective in tackling climate change and do so in a fair way.

This event will put the Assembly Members centre-stage, showcasing their recommendations and providing an insight into their extraordinary journey.