Climate Conversation Pack

Words can change the world

The climate crisis is already significantly impacting countries around the world, including Scotland. But collectively we can work to reduce our emissions to net zero and limit any further damage. By starting just one conversation with your friends, family or colleagues, you can create a ripple effect of positive actions that could help make the change needed to reach net zero and save the planet.

How to use this pack

We know that climate change can be a hard thing to talk about, so this pack outlines the important information you need to get you started. It provides the opportunity to get to grips with all things climate change and identify topics and conversation starters that you can weave into your daily conversations, whether that’s around the kitchen table, on social media, at work, school or with friends.

Starting these conversations can help empower others to do the same and provide a sense of unity and community, but remember, it can be a challenging and emotional subject to bring up. No one should feel blamed, attacked, criticised or judged when talking about climate change. We should always be mindful of where people are coming from – economically, societally, and emotionally.

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Climate conversations – getting started

Below you’ll find information on climate change generally, plus key lifestyle areas where you can make a difference, specifically around the way you travel, the food you eat, the things you buy, how you heat your home and ways to protect nature. It can be overwhelming to know what area is best to focus on, so choose the one that interests you the most and try using a couple of the talking points in some future conversations. Then, when you’re ready, try expanding your knowledge on different topics.




Other ways to get involved

Having conversations about climate change is a simple and free way you can help combat the climate emergency and something that anyone at any age can do. If you want to help start the conversation in your wider community, you can contact your local authority, MSP or climate hub to find out what solutions are being considered for your area or to bring your ideas to the table. Here are some ways you can get involved.

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