Benefits of public transport

A girl in an orange jumper standing in a bus stop.

Whilst travel is restricted during Scotland’s lockdown, we still need to consider the wider impact of different types of travel on the environment.

We should get back on public transport only when coronavirus travel restrictions ease. And there are a great many reasons why. First and foremost, more people using public transport decreases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that enter the atmosphere, helping tackle climate change and getting Scotland closer to its target of net zero emissions.

Net zero means the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we put into the atmosphere and the amount we’re able to take out will add up to zero.

Find out more about current coronavirus travel rules and restrictions

Consider your transport choices and your need to travel on a daily basis. Try to leave the car at home for your journeys when you can, for example when traveling to work or school, and use public transport, or walk, wheel or cycle instead. Replacing car journeys with public transport can help reduce CO2 emissions by 42% if using the bus and 73% if using the train. It all helps with creating a cleaner, greener Scotland.


Replacing car journeys with public transport can help reduce CO2 emissions if using the bus

A bus driving a long the road in Edinburgh.

Benefits of public transport

  • Better for the environment – reduced pollution from less cars on the road means better air quality and benefits the health and wellbeing of communities up and down the country.
  • Improve your fitness – by walking, wheeling or cycling to the train or bus stations, you’ll be improving your health by being more active.
  • Get where you need to go faster – fast track lanes for buses and quick trains avoid traffic and congestion, helping you get from A to B quickly and conveniently.
  • Turn your journey into time well spent – use your time on bus or train to relax with a good book, make plans for your free time or get a head start on your day.