Clyde-Built: Join the heat revolution in Glasgow

04 November 2021 - 04 November 2021
Online Event
Climate Ambition Zone at the Lighthouse Energy Science and Innovation
Solar panels against a sunset

Find out what is going on under your feet! An exploration of decarbonising heat projects in and around Glasgow and the potential to regenerate the city and develop new industries that support the low carbon heat transition. Join the conversation to decarbonise Glasgow.

Facilitator: Andy McDonald, Head of Economic Opportunities, Scottish Enterprise

  • Gavin Slater, Head of Sustainability, Glasgow City Council – ambitions for the City
  • Zoe Shipton, Uni of Strathclyde – Glasgow Geoenergy Observatory
  • Scottish Government speaker TBC – Clyde Mission, regenerating Glasgow/ Clyde
  • Dave Pearson, Star Renewable - Queen’s Quay innovative water sourced heat pump
  • Ian Manson, Clyde Gateway – energy masterplanning
  • Andrew Fleming Brown, SWG3 - ‘Bodyheat project’ using heat from nightclub users integrated with  ground boreholes

This event will be streamed live from the Scotland Climate Ambition Zone and available for you to watch.