Scotland's Drive for Innovation in Zero Emissions- Heavy Duty Vehicles

01 November 2021 - 01 November 2021
Online Event
Business & Finance Climate Ambition Zone at the Lighthouse Science and Innovation Transport / Active Travel
White and blue heavy duty vehicle driving down a road

The Scottish Government has set out ambitious targets to decarbonise transport. This presents not only benefits for the climate but the opportunity for businesses based in Scotland to develop new technologies to achieve these aims and the related market opportunities in Scotland, UK and overseas.

This event will highlight how Scotland is driving towards decarbonisation in active collaboration with industry, academia, and the public sector to create novel approaches and an innovation landscape for businesses to capitalise on. 

Scottish Enterprise, Transport Scotland and companies will highlight this collaborative approach and their experience to date in achieving decarbonisation. The structure of the event will translate the Scottish Climate Change targets into direct action by guiding the audience through public sector, academia and company engagement in the Drive for Innovation in ZE HDV.

This event will be streamed live from the Scotland Climate Ambition Zone and available for you to watch.