How can I reduce my waste?

A pair of hands opening a jar of dried macaroni pasta

When it comes to minimising the impact of consumption on Scotland's environment, the best place to start is by trying to reduce what we use.

This is because greenhouse gas emissions involved in an item's production won’t have been created in the first place. By taking action in this area, we can help tackle climate change and get Scotland to net zero.

Why Reduce Waste?

Food production, goods manufacturing, transportation and storage all contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and costs that are passed on to us all. Making careful decisions about what we buy and trying to reduce waste can have a big impact.

The cost of what we put in the bin every week is a good reason to reduce waste. Throwing out less reduces the amount of energy needed to transport and process waste. It means less landfill too, which in turn means less greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.


Plastic production, use and disposal contributes about 1.8 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually

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